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*** Important note ***

In response to isolated inquiries, we herewith confirm, that our bamboo tea is of 100% natural growth, that both farmers and pickers receive absolutely fair compensation, that there is no pullution in the surrounding area and that no pandas live in South Korea !!!

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Bamboo is a shrub to treelike plant from the Gramineae family particularly common in tropical and sub-tropical areas. Approximately 45 genera and 480 varieties are known with heights ranging from 1 meter up to approximately 50 meters for giant bamboo and a diameter of up to 30 cm.



Bamboo shoots

In the food industry, bamboo is known as bamboo shoots. Ninety percent of the shoots are made of water. Nevertheless they are rich in proteins and dietary fibers and contain a small amount of calories. The main substances in bamboo are tyrosine, arginine, histidine and leucine. Tyrosine, an amino acid that is found in bamboo shoots, is the main component of the adrenal glands and a precursor of adrenaline which facilitates metabolic processes in the body. In addition, bamboo shoots contain a range of minerals such as for example potassium or iron. According to the pharmaceutical dictionary “Hunnius”, the amino acids contained in bamboo help eliminate toxic substances from the body. The skin becomes more supple. Bamboo protects the skin from bacteria and fungi. Moreover, it promotes urinary secretion as well as excretion of excess body fat.


Bamboo leave tea


Only very young, hand-picked leaves are used for the bamboo leave tea. You will be inspired by its pleasant taste.

Additional characteristics are:

No theine (caffeine) and no irritation of oral mucous membranes. Therefore, the tea is equally suitable for children. Moreover, it is an excellent thirst quencher.



Place 0.7 g of bamboo leaves per person into a tea pot and add hot (80 – 90 oC) water. Depending on the strength of flavour you may brew the tea between 15 seconds to three minutes.

You can immediately pour hot water over the leaves once or twice again.



Packing of the bamboo tea is availble in

  • a round box with 30gr.
  • refilling packing with 30gr.
  • refilling packing with 50gr.
  • refilling packing with 100gr.
  • bulks
  • tea bags
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